• Safety Net


    Westside Bus Terminal

    Darlene Bee

    8145 Greenfield
    Detroit, MI 48228

    Phone: (313) 945-8600

    About SafetyNet

    Detroit Public Schools, Office of Student Transportation, SafetyNet Center was established in 2001. Jovon Boyer, Executive Director, developed and designed a more comprehensive plan of action to address rising concerns associated with undeliverable and displaced students (definitions below). The Office of Student Transportation launched the grand opening of a second SafetyNet Center located in the Eastside Bus Terminal.

    Both centers provide a supportive environment and a safe haven for our students should those unavoidable emergencies emerge. Should a rare occasion arise and parents are not available to receive the student at the drop off address; or unable to pick up their child from school, we have a SafetyNet to catch them. SafetyNet Centers are an alternative to immediately contacting the authorities when parents/emergency contact does not pick up the student after school dismissal time or after school activity or not available to receive the student when transported to dropoff address.

    Upon the opening of each school year, the principal shall issue an After School Plan with an accompanying letter to parents. The letter should include information regarding the District’s SafetyNet Centers, and clearly state the possible consequences when students are frequently transported to the Centers. Parents should be informed that abuse of the services provided by Safety may result in involving the Authorities, and/or issuance of a citation. Tickets may range up to $500. The After School Plan should include information on alternate addresses, telephone numbers, and emergency contact. This information should always be current and on file in the school office. When a student is not picked up after school dismissal time or an after-school activity, the After School Plan is activated. After the Principal has made unsuccessful attempts in locating the parent, SafetyNet Center should be notified no later than 6:00 pm.