The Montessori Classroom

  • DPSCD Montessori Classrooms Are:

    • Bright, warm, and inviting.
    • Filled with specialized hands-on materials, music, art, plants, and animals.
    • Designed to allow children to move around and work independently or in small collaborative groups.
    • An authentic community of learners.

    Montessori Grade Bands

    • Primary Grade Band (Pre-K/K)
    • Lower Elementary (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grades)
    • Upper Elementary (4th & 5th Grades)
    • Lower Secondary (6th & 7th Grades)

    Benefits of Mixed-Age Classrooms

    • Eliminates competition
    • Enhances peer to peer interactions
    • Increases social and academic skills
    • Inspires students to become role models and mentors
    • Encourages empathy and independence

The Daily Routine

  • Greetings & Breakfast

    Line Time

    Three Hour Uninterrupted Work Cycle

    Lunch & Recess

    Pre-K Rest Time

    Afternoon Work Cycle


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