What is Montessori?

    • Montessori is a method of education with an individualized child-centered approach.
    • The child is the main focus.
    • The Montessori method of teaching and learning allows children to experience self-paced learning through hands-on exploration and discovery.

    Dr. Montessori was the first female physician to graduate from the University of Rome Medical School. In 1907, Dr. Montessori discovered a basic premise about children – all children are uniquely intelligent. This was a unique concept for this time and continues to be innovative.

    Dr. Montessori's focus on the whole child methodology is designed to:

    • facilitate learning
    • develop the child's independence
    • develop the child's sense of personal empowerment

    Montessori Schools were founded on:

    • Respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for the environment.
    • Children need to develop independence and self-discipline.
    • Children are taught to take pride in doing things for themselves carefully and well.


    What is the Montessori understanding of the nature of the child?

    • Children like to work as well as play.
    • Children have a natural drive to work in order to develop.
    • The child's great task is to create an adult.
    • Children are not content unless they have an opportunity to develop and learn.

    How does a Montessori education benefit children?Montessori benefits

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