Exam High School Application Requirements

  • Admission to examination high schools requires two main components: The examination and an application. Read below for details regarding the application.


    Every applicant must complete an online application on Submittable. The application requires an email address to set up an account, which will be used throughout the admissions process. Parents/guardians are expected to complete the application. 

  • Student-Authored Essay

  • Cumulative GPA - 8th Grade Non-DPSCD

  • Cumulative GPA - 8th Grade Current DPSCD

  • Cumulative GPA - Current High School Students

  • Reference

  • IEP, 504 or NPSP

  • Multi-Lingual Learners/English Language Learners

  • Application Scoring

    The exam is scored independently by the test provider, Scholastic Testing Services. Each application is reviewed by two or more independent reviewers. The average of the reviews serves as the student's final score. Rubrics are used to assign points to the interest letter and grade point average. 


    Application Component Total Potential Points
    Examination score 45
    Grade Point Average 30
    Student-Authored Essay 20
    DPSCD Current Student Bonus +10 
    GPA complete and on-time +5
    Marygrove school applicants - live within Primary Area +10
    Marygrove school applicants - live within Secondary Area +5


  • Bonus Points

  • GPA Rubric

  • Application Resources

    To help you with completing the application, here are some application resources:

  • How to access and upload transcripts and report cards
  • Application Assistance
  • High School Transfer Transcript Request Form
  • 8th Grade Transcript Request Form
  • Homeschool Transcript Template