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Unleash Potential at DPSCD: Quality PreK-12 Education

Discover more than 100 DPSCD schools offering specialized programs for your child's success. Enroll now for a transformative learning experience!

Detroit Public Schools Community District: Your Child's Pathway to Success

As we gear up for the first day of school on Monday, August 28, 2023, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) invites you to explore our comprehensive range of PreK-12 schools. With more than 100 institutions, each offering unique programs designed to unlock your child's full potential, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of DPSCD legends. Please also see the 23.24 School Year Calendar or visit

Diverse Programs for Holistic Development

At DPSCD, education is not just about academics. We offer a host of electives and extracurricular activities including arts, music, foreign languages, athletics, and STEM. Our high schools each feature a career pathway, allowing your child to explore their interests and potential career avenues.

Support for Every Family

We understand that a successful school year requires more than just academic support. The DPSCD Family and Community Engagement Office is ready to provide resources for any family needing assistance. Additionally, our Transportation Department is on standby to resolve any commute-related queries.

Career Tech Education Centers

Our high school students have access to four Career Tech Education Centers where they can learn skilled trades.

With DPSCD, you're not just enrolling your child into a school, but into a community dedicated to student achievement, whole child commitment, transformative culture, exceptional talent, and responsible stewardship. Be first day ready - enroll now and let us help unlock your child's full potential for more information, please visit