Initiatives and School Support

  • Detroit Public Schools Community District believes that actively engaged parents and community are critical components to improving student achievement. The Office of Family and Community Engagement offers a variety of programs and support for parents, families, and communites to increase involvement, support professional development and create spaces for priceless family time. 


    Pictures from FACE initiatives.




  • Alumni Association - Alumni are one of Detroit Public Schools Community District's greatest resources. The Alumni Association is an opportunity for graduates of DPSCD to give back to their school, stay connected with their peers and former teachers, and so much more.
    For questions or more information, contact Joi Mausi at (313)873-7490

    Eureka Math for Families- Eureka Math for Families is a virtual series designed to assist parents with learning key strategies and concepts of Eureka Math that will make it 

    easier to help their children at home.  Thirty minute virtual sessions will be led by a Master Teacher.  

     Faith-Based Council - The Faith-Based Council meets bi-monthly to provide updates on their school partnerships, receive updates on the school district, and exchange school support best practices.
    For questions or more information, contact David Wilson at (313)651-3789

    Faith-Based Partnerships - "Educating Detroit's Students includes urging the entire community to fill the gaps that our children face" - Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District. Faith-based partners will be matched with one of our schools and encouraged to: organize volunteers and mentors; share district information and updates; encourage enrollment; assist with beautification projects; develop school-based pantries; and/or lead clothing and toy drives. 
    For questions or more information, contact David Wilson at (313)651-3789

    Kindergarten BootcampKindergarten Boot Camp is a (4) week parent and child summer camp designed to prepare your student for Kindergarten in the Fall. Parent and child will receive a camp t-shirt, back pack and supplies upon program completion - in addition to free field trips.
    For questions or more information, contact Jessica Hodj at (313)816-5408.

    Parent AcademyThe goal of Parent Academy is to provide parents the tools and skills to build capacity and confidence to support students academically, socially, and emotionally. All classes are free and offered in convenient locations to meet parents where they are. Parent Academy focuses on three key pillars: Student Achievement, Personal and Professional Development, and Parenting/Advocacy. 
    For questions or more information, contact Joi Mausi at (313)873-7490.



  • Parent Academy Mobile - The Parent Academy mobile is a vehicle designated to bring the resources and tools offered through Parent Academy to your event. 
    For questions or more information, contact Remele Penick at (313)873-7490.

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - The PTA is a primary parent organization that provides the district with a national, uniform, and well-resourced platform for parents and teachers to work together for the benefit of students. PTAs at each school create a clear strategy to ensure teachers and parents are working closer together to advocate for our schools and children.
    For questions or more information, contact Charldine Bowens at (313)873-7490.

    Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (PTHVP) - The Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (PTHVP) has proven to increase attendance; increase academic performance; and increase positive behavior in school. Participate today to build stronger communication with your student's teacher.
    For questions or more information, contact Angel Fox (313)873-4790.

    School Advisory Councils (SAC) - The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a 19 person decision-making body at the school level that is comprised of school leadership, school staff, parents, students, and community members that work to bring to life the school improvement plan.  
    For questions or more information, contact Kenneth Chapman at (313)873-7490.


    Student Leadership Development Program Initiative - The goal of the Student Leadership Development Initiative is to provide students with
    the necessary tools to unlock their potential as leaders, build and exercise lifelong leadership skills, and engage in dialogue around their school experience and topics they choose. For questions or more information, contact Angel Fox (313)873-4790.

    Volunteerism - The District has hundreds of volunteers that play a key role in the daily operation of schools, sports, special projects, events, and a myriad of other opportunities. We consider this an invaluable contribution and asset.
    For questions or more information, contact Kenneth Chapman at (313)873-7490.