Our Services

  • The Office of Family and Community Engagement's primary service is access to information on volunteer opportunities throughout the District. This is just one service we offer that is centered around helping or doing work for students.

    Volunteering - The District has hundreds of volunteers that play a key role in the daily operation of schools, sports, special projects, events, and a myriad of other opportunities. We consider this an invaluable contribution and asset.
    For questions or more information, contact Kenneth Chapman at (313) 873-7490.

    Districtwide Title I Council - The Districtwide Title 1 Council exists as a platform for parents to engage in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication, planning, advising, decision-making and implementing Parent Involvement activities to improve academic quality and student performance.
    For questions or more information, call (313) 873-7490 or email Charldine Bowens, Program Associate.

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - The PTA is a primary parent organization that provides the district with a national, uniform, and well-resourced platform for parents and teachers to work together for the benefit of students. PTAs at each school create a clear strategy to ensure teachers and parents work closer together to advocate for our schools and children.
    For questions or more information, contact Charldine Bowens at (313) 873-7490.

    Student Leadership Development Program Initiative - The goal of the Student Leadership Development Initiative is to provide students with
    the necessary tools to unlock their potential as leaders, build and exercise lifelong leadership skills, and engage in dialogue around their school experience and topics they choose. For questions or more information, contact Angel Fox at (313) 873-7490.