School Improvement

  • Theory of Action

    If the district assists schools in strengthening and aligning their organizational systems, particularly those closest to the student, then student engagement and performance will incrementally and substantially improve, leading to sustainable practices and systems.

    What is the continuous school improvement process?

    The continuous school improvement process is a system that supports collaboration within school communities focused on increasing student outcomes. The continuous improvement cycle provides the vehicle to investigate, plan, act, and reflect on practices and processes. It supports the formalization of these phases and serves as a guide for schools to enhance their own systems for improvement.

    What is the role of the Office of School Improvement?

    The Office of School Improvement (OSI) supports the district with the development of the District Improvement Plan ensuring alignment to the District Strategic Plan – “Blueprint 2020”, in addition to state and federal requirements.

    The OSI assists schools in developing School Improvement Plans that are in alignment with "Blueprint 2020", as well as state and federal requirements. 

Contact Information

  • LaShawn N. Streater
    Senior Director

    3011 W. Grand Blvd. 9th  Floor
    Detroit, MI. 48202

    Phone: (313) 873-8374