Translations & Interpretations

  • Call an interpreter for translation support 

    Do you need help communicating with your student's teacher or school in English? During the school year, parents or guardians may need an interpreter to speak with teachers or building administrators. An interpreter can be requested to join a Teams call or to assist you over the phone.

    In a Teams Meeting 

    1. Start a meeting. 
    2. Click “Add a Participant” to the meeting and dial the number 833-649-8167
    3. Wait to be connected to LanguageLine 
    4. When connected, say the language you need (example: “Arabic”) 
    5. The operator will say “I heard Arabic. Is this correct?” Respond “Yes.” 
    6. You will be connected to an interpreter for the language chosen. 
    7. The interpreter will introduce themselves, ask your student's name, and school, and will begin interpreting for the student and parent. 

    Over the Phone

    1. Dial: 1-866-874-3972 on your phone 
    2. When asked, enter the client ID number: 535596 
    3. Select the language using the numbers listed: 
      • PRESS 1 –Spanish
      • PRESS 2 – Arabic
      • PRESS 3 – Bengali 
      • PRESS 4 – Hmong 
      • PRESS 5 – French 
      •  PRESS 6 – All other languages, speak the language 
      • PRESS 0 - If you do not know the language you need  
    4. Provide the interpreter with your student's school's name