•                                                                            Community Engagement Leaders 


    What is the CEL Program? 

    The Community Engagement Leader program is an initiative of the DPSCD Government & Community Affairs department that focuses on building a bridge for the community to access our schools, provide support and feedback. The program seeks to involve and empower our stakeholders on our legislative priorities of student funding and facilities. Building community and building consensus around the District’s legislative agenda is the nexus of our work.  


    Who is a CEL? 

    A CEL is a current District employee who serves as an ambassador of the District. This leader works on the GCA team in order to increase reach, capacity and sustainability of the department’s goals. In addition, this individual is an active member of the District and local Detroit community, and will work to increase awareness of the District’s legislative agenda and serves as a liaison to community members.  


    What is the goal of the CEL Program? 

    Through the work of our CEL team, our District will have an established presence and deeper relationships with parents, students, community members and local and state lawmakers. Furthermore, we will have a clear and distinct voice in Detroit and Lansing. Ultimately, the initiative is charged with enhancing the department’s mission which is to engage, equip and empower the District's students, teachers, parents and staff to advocate for adequate & equitable K-12 education policy. 


    How does the CEL Program Work? 

    By consistently maintaining presence in the community through telling our story and engaging stakeholders based on data and the needs of our constituents. We build consensus within the community in Detroit through collaboration and partnerships with local civic and community organizations.  


    Where can you find CELs?  

    CELs can be found in the local community throughout all seven City of Detroit council districts. These spaces include but are not limited to, roundtable meetings, city council district meetings, block club and community meetings, neighborhood events and education/career fairs. 


    Why become a CEL? 

    To ultimately help our students and community by spreading the “the great news” of our District while identifying community goals and needs to foster an enriched, vibrate Detroit Public Schools Community District.  


    CEL Accomplishments: 

    Over the past year, CELs have attended more than 200 community and block club meetings/events (both in-person and virtual). In addition, CELs have connected with well over 8,000 constituents through these efforts while partnering with nearly 130 community organizations throughout the City of Detroit. 


    Want to become a CEL?

     If you are a current District employee and interested in becoming a commmunity engagement leader, please review the job description here and email a copy of your resume and letter of intetrest to: community.affairs@detroitk12.org. In addition, please click here to complete our CEL interest survey.


    CEL Program Team: 

    Sherisse Butler, Program Supervisor / Senior Director of Government Affairs   

    Christopher Hood, Program Manager / Community Relations Associate