Legislative Affairs

  • Take Action! Implement Equitable State School Aid
    Nationally, Michigan is one of the lowest funded states.  Districts receive funding based on a per pupil foundation allowance (dollars per kid), in which individual student needs are not properly addressed.  We want to increase the state's investment in K-12 education by equitably funding school districts based on individual student need, not by local wealth.  This means students with more needs get more money.
    We need your help - Advocate to increase the dollars per kid to put Michigan closer to the national level and oppose tax-cuts that take revenue away from schools.  Contact your representative, spread the word and VOTE!

    Take Action! Improve School Facilities
    Our schools need $500 million to repair.  If we do not invest NOW, school facilities will need $1.3 billion in 2023.  There are limited funds to make annual repairs to facilities.  The debt of the former DPS consumes most of the money necessary to fund such a project. Our goal is to invest $1.3 billion in school facilities over the next five years and allocate $50 million for annual maintenance expenses.  We need increased investment in school facilities through local tax revenue, debt restructuring and state/ federal capital improvement grants while seeking philanthropic engagement.  Help us secure funding for facility improvements- Advocate for increased financial flexibility from the state to allocate funding to increase teacher salaries and support capital investments.  Contact your representatives, spread the word and VOTE!