Frequently Asked Questions

  • Summer School 2020 

    What programs are being offered during Summer School? 

    We are offering K-8 enrichment in literacy and math, 6th - 12th-grade credit recovery and AccelerationVirtual or Dual Enrollment (WCCCD).Our ESE Center Based Schools are offering 200-day program. 

    How will Summer School be offered? 

    Summer School will be offered via two options: Face to Face or Virtual Learning 

    What kind of precaution will be taken due to Covid 19? 

    negative COVID test for all adults working summer school must be submitted by Wednesday, July 8, 2020. There will be daily COIVD self-assessments for symptoms and forehead temperature checks.  Staff and students will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing.  There will be a 1 to 10-15 student to adult ratio in classrooms.Classrooms and buses will be disinfected daily.   

    When does Summer School Start?  

    Summer School starts Monday, July 13th and ends Thursday, August 6th. 

    What are the school hours for Summer School?   

    Summer hours are 8:30am -12:30pm Monday thru Thursday. 

    If my child registered for Summer School, how do I know where they will need to go the first day of Summer School? 

    Students will receive an assignment letter the week of July 6th via their school email.  If you do not receive a letter, please contact the HELP DESK (313-576-0100) and they will provide you with the school and classroom assignment. 

    Will students be provided Breakfast and Lunch at school? 

    Yes.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily for students from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30a.m. Lunch will be provided as students are exiting for the day.   

    If my child registered for Summer School via Virtual Learning, what is the expectation? 

    Students will be required to log-on daily to interact with their teachers for daily academic advisement and attendance. As Connected Futures computers are being distributed throughout the summer, students will need to attend a school site or have their own computer to engage in virtual learning.  

    Are students eligible for transportation during Summer School? 

    Yes. K-8 Students will be assigned corner stops.  High Schools students will be provided bus passes. If you have additional questions about transportation, please call 313-945-8600.  

    When is the last day to enroll students for Summer School? 

    The deadline was June 12th.  Exceptions will be made for graduating seniors. 

    What are the attendance expectations for students throughout Summer School? 

    The expectation is that students will be in attendance for the hours provided for Course Recovery during summer school, either at their school site or at home through Distance Learning. Students are expected to log-on daily for academic advisement and attendance.Istudents are absent more than 3 days of summer school, they will be withdrawn.  

    What is the discipline expectation for students during Summer School? 

    Disciplinary Reports are required for summer school.  The same offense and violation codes should be used for summer school, as are used during the regular school year.  Students who display egregious behavior during Summer School will be withdrawn. 

    How do I know my child is registered for the correct required recovery courses? 

    School Counselors will verify and confirm based on students’ transcripts. 

    How many courses can my students enroll in for recovery? 

    Students in grades 6-8 can recover two courses and students in 9-12 can recover up to 3 courses during the Summer Program. 

    How will students be graded in Summer School? 

    Students attending summer school for enrichment will not receive a traditional grade, but parents will receive feedback from their child’s teachers.  Students attending Summer School for recovery will receive Pass/Fail grade for their courses.  High School students taking acceleration courses will receive a letter grade for their courses.  

    Who should I contact id I have additional questions?  

    Please contact