Clever Access for Home

  • This guide will show you how to access Clever from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. DPSCD students have a number of online learning tools available to help them succeed in and out of the classroom. Most of these tools can be accessed through Clever, which is the platform students use to access learning applications like i-Ready, MyOn, and Teams.

    The District’s preferred browser for accessing Clever is Chrome. Accessing Clever through Chrome will optimize your child’s experience. Chrome can be downloaded to your computer, smartphone, or tablet for free at

    Login Instructions

    For more information about logging in to Clever, please see the Clever Login Instructions (EspanolArabic, Bengali).

    Your Child’s Username and Password

    All DPSCD students have a unique username and password to access Clever. The password consists of a combination of the student’s name, birthday, and gender.

    Example: If Aretha Franklin is a DPSCD student with a student ID of 018765 and her birthday is March 25, 1998, her username would be and her password would be Af039802.

    Image of password configuration

    Logging Into Clever

    1. Now, let’s get you logged in! In your browser bar type and click Enter.

    Screenshot of address bar in Chrome

    2. You will be directed to the Clever home page where you will select “Log in as student” on the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen.

    Screenshot of Clever Login for students

    3. The Clever website will direct you to the student login page. In the login box, you will type in your student’s school name, until the school’s name shows up. Select it. Next, select “Log in with Active Directory.”

    Screenshots of Clever Log in screens

    4. On the sign-in page, enter the student’s email and click “Next”. Enter your student’s password and click “Sign In.” Be sure to click forgot password, if you can remember the password.

    Screenshot of district login

    5. Your child’s Clever portal should look something like this. The applications vary by grade level.

    Screenshot of apps in Clever  

    We are here to help! If you need assistance, please email

  • Learning Apps

    Khan Academy - Independent practice and guided learning for K-12 Mathematics and Literacy; 9-12 Science and Social Studies, AP, and SAT

    MyOn - Large library of online books with built-in reading supports.

    i-Ready - Independent practice for K-8 Mathematics and Literacy. NOTE: i-Ready, an application within Clever, is not compatible with smartphones or tablets and requires a computer.

    Newsela - News and events articles at a range of reading levels.

    Microsoft Teams - Platform for online learning. Communicate with your teacher via chat, video, or phone, turn in assignments, and get feedback.

    Studies Weekly - Weekly newspapers about science and social studies 

    DBQ Online - Document-Based Questions for high school social studies

    Imagine Learning - Online learning platform for ELA and Math, includes programming for Spanish speaking students.

  • Supplemental Resources

    BrainPOP - Videos and activities on a range of topics including science, social studies, art, math, and literature.

    Games to Learn English - Games to support K-12 English language learners

    National Geographic for Kids - Articles and videos on science, history, and a range of other topics.

    iCivics - Games about civics topics like the supreme court, branches of government, and others. (Flash must be enabled. Follow these instructions for ChromeFirefoxSafariEdge)

    PBS Civics and Government - Videos and interactive activities on civics topics like the supreme court, branches of government, and others.

    NASA Science - Activities, readings, and videos about earth and space science.

    Michigan Science Center ECHO - Daily video demonstrations at 2:30 pm from the Michigan Science Center