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  • The Government & Community Affairs team is charged with engaging, equipping, and empowering District staff and families to advocate for adequate & equitable K-12 education policy. Building community and consensus around the District’s legislative agenda is the nexus of our work. The three major initiatives within our department are:


    2024 Spring High School Voter Registration Drive in partnership with Civics 360 

    • Friday May 17, 2024 Detroit School of Arts (DSA) 10am 123 Selden St.
    • Friday May 17, 2024 School @ Marygrove 2pm 8425 McNichols St.
    • Tuesday May 28,2024 Osborn HS 9am 11600 Hoover St.
    • Tuesday May 28, 2024 Denby HS 10am 12800 Kelly Rd.
    • Wednesday May 29, 2024 Cody HS 11:30am 18445 Cathedral St.
    • Thursday May 30, 2024 Crockett Midtown HS 10am 571 Mack Ave.
    • Monday June 3, 2024 East English Village HS (EEVPA) 9am 5020 Cadieux St.



  • The Government and Community Affairs (GCA) is a department within the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). Its primary focus is on community engagement, advocacy, and fostering civic participation. Here are the key responsibilities of DPS GCA:

    1. Local Council Meetings and Neighborhood Engagement: The DPS GCA team actively participates in local council meetings and political neighborhood meetings. By doing so, they stay informed about community concerns, collaborate with local leaders, and advocate for the district's initiatives and students.
    2. Student Voter Education and Registration: The team supports social studies programs to enhance student awareness of civic responsibilities. Encouraging student voter knowledge and registration is crucial for building an informed and engaged citizenry.
    3. Annual State Capitol Trip: DPS GCA organizes an annual trip to the state capital. During this visit, students are introduced to legislators and the legislative process. It's an excellent opportunity for students to learn about governance firsthand.
    4. Community Ambassadors: Identifying community ambassadors who advocate for DPSCD students and initiatives is a proactive approach. These ambassadors play a vital role in bridging the gap between the district and the broader community.

    In summary, DPS GCA contributes significantly to community-building, civic education, and student empowerment within the Detroit Public Schools Community District. If you have any further questions or need additional information, contact a team member.

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