Whole Child Commitment

  • At DPSCD, we want to expand access to the arts, physical education, leadership and service learning, health services, and social-emotional supports.  

    What progress are we making toward a Whole Child Commitment?

    • Over 29,000 DPSCD K-8 students now have access to art, music, or performing arts at their school, and all K-5 students have access to 150 minutes of physical activity each week.
    • More and more DPSCD students are participating in electives and extracurricular programs and activities, including robotics, arts courses, political forums, spelling bees, and international trips.
    • DPSCD students have taken more than 1,300 field trips associated with Detroit’s Cultural Passport

    What are some of our strategies to build a Whole Child Commitment?

    • DPSCD funded art or music teachers in every K-8 school.
    • The District has integrated more recess and physical education time into every school’s master schedule.
    • DPSCD has expanded robotics and chess program

    What’s next for a Whole Child  Commitment?

    DPSCD is working with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority to implement intensive wraparound services, which include additional staff and screening and health services, at six district pilot schools.