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DPSCD Teacher Shares Her Talents and Energy to Ensure Students Feel Loved, Challenged and Prepared

For Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), English Language Arts (ELA) teacher Ms. Seretta Davis, her knack for teaching, started in her late teens.

“I am a percussionist and play drums and I am very artistic,” said Ms. Davis, seated appropriately on a stage at her school, Bow Elementary-Middle School. “I started working with students when I was young, giving them drum lessons. That’s where I began.”

Flash forward to her time with DPSCD, Davis was first an Academic Interventionist at Bow for several years. It was her principal and mentor, DaRhonda Evans, who guided her toward becoming a teacher. That led to placement in DPSCD’s groundbreaking program, On the Rise Academy (OTR), the first of its kind initiative that fosters a pathway toward becoming a certified teacher.

“I was accepted into the first cohort,” said Ms. Davis reflected on her journey. While thinking she would follow her love for art and become an art teacher, she eventually embraced OTR’S opportunity to learn to be a teacher in a content area, such as ELA and Social Studies.

“She (Principal Evans) pushed me to make that change. It’s just been amazing, and I love it.”

So much so that Ms. Davis is now enrolled in the K-12 graduate school at Eastern Michigan University and is in the National Honor Society, with a nearly 4.0 grade point average. Her goal is to one day move into school administration as an assistant principal or a principal. Yet she balances her professional development with her love of her students and uses her creativity to connect with them in multiple ways.

This can be seen through the decorative artwork that adorns the walls and sometimes is hung in the hallways of Bow. As the leader of the school’s Art Club, she takes charge of decorating the building and involves her Art Club students in the creation of the images. The art carries inspirational messages and is often linked to timely themes such as Black History Month or affirmations such as “Spread the Love” in the shape of a heart or the array of positive messages contained in the school’s showcase display at the entrance.

“I get joy out of teaching these children to display their talents, their gifts and their abilities,” said Ms. Davis. “That’s how it was when I was coming up. I want to show students that you don’t have to do just one thing, you can do multiple things,” she added, noting that she also leads Bow’s drumline and social media efforts.

In the classroom, her style reflects DPSCD’s love, challenged and prepared academic theme towards all students. In Ms. Davis’  case, there have been many moments where her students emulate how she loves them and relates to them as their teacher with how they interact with one another.

“My students love to help others. They are not giving answers to each other when I ask them a certain question. Instead, they ask each other certain questions that lets me know they really are listening.”

With committed and energetic teachers such as Ms. Seretta Davis who are ready to love, challenge and prepare your student, DPSCD has a teacher for your students’ rise with programming and services to meet you and your student’s unique needs. Enrollment information for the 2023-24 school year can be found by clicking here.

Bow Black History Decoration

Bow Black History Art created by Ms. Davis' and her students.