Compliance Training and Outreach Program

  • As part of its mission to promote honesty, accountability, and efficiency in District operations, the Office of Inspector General offers a wealth of information through its outreach Fraud Awareness educational program.

    This program has two major components. One aspect consists of training workshops (Instructor-led and Self-paced/Online), which are designed to assist employees on how to recognize and report wrongdoing by others; provides employees with strategies for adhering to ethical standards in their own conduct; and promotes the District's core value of Integrity.

    To supplement the in-house and online presentations, and as a means of reaching a wider audience of District employees as well as members of the public, we distribute and make available a variety of informational brochures. These brochures explain the role of the Inspector General's office and describe the process of reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse; its detection, deterrence, prevention, as well as the protections offered to those that report improper actions.

    Anyone interested in scheduling a presentation or to receive our informational brochures should contact the OIG directly. Additionally, District employees may access Frontline to register for any of our training workshops.