Degrees and Certifications:

Angelique Peterson-Mayberry

A native Detroiter born and raised in a place where she’s still proud to call home, most people would say that activism naturally runs through her blood. As a 3rd generation United Auto Worker, the value of labor was instilled in Angelique at a very early age and attending protests; marches; and community meetings with her mom was just a routine way of life in her home.

Advocating for injustice whenever she could become like the air that she breathed. Whether at a business establishment displaying abusive power, in Lansing demonstrating against unjust legislative bills, fighting in her community for safer living conditions and enhanced educational environments, or encouraging people to exercise their voting rights for a better future - Angelique has been an avid supporter for social equality and “at scale” equity.

A proud product of the Detroit Public School System, Angelique continued her education at Paine College in Augusta, GA before returning home to receive her BA in Marketing from Detroit College of Business. Although motherhood consumed majority of her time, Mrs. Peterson-Mayberry managed to commence graduate coursework in Acquisition at Central Michigan University while continuing her constant fight against justice.

Unashamed of her humble beginnings, the custodial world at Ford Motor Company is where it all began for her, an organization that she’s still employed at twenty-six years later. The first African American, and the first female to be elected to the trustee position of Ford Motor Company UAW Local 245, Angelique officially entered the world of politics at the young age of 25. As a former Employee Resource Coordinator; Community Relations Director; Women’s Committee Chairperson; Region 1A Executive Board Member and Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Angelique takes pride in her diverse journey, and proudly goes where sent and answers when called.

When one wonders where they can find Angelique, the list can be long, as her time is spent in a variety of places doing a variety of things. Currently, Angelique holds positions at Ford Motor Company including Diversity Equity Inclusion Strategist for Manufacturing, Co-Chair of Women in Manufacturing Plant and Community Employee Resource Group, Cabinet Member of Ford Corporate Culture Team, Active Member of Ford African American Ancestorial Network Employee Resource Group, President of the Detroit Public Schools Community District School Board, Board of Director for Detroit Public Schools Foundation, Board of Director Co-Chair for Detroit Youth Sports Commission, Board of Director for LIFE Corp, Board of Director for Fellowship Chapel Trustee Board, and Former Detroit Public School Community District Academic Chair. This active busy lady may also be found implementing and directing community engagement conversations leading to executing initiatives and providing resources, or rallying in social justice movements. One might find her fellowshipping and serving in one of the numerous ministries that she participates in at her church, or even find her attending parent and community engagement meetings as an added voice for those being educated in Detroit Public Schools Community District. If one might still look for Ms. Angelique, she may simply be found enjoying what she enjoys most in her leisure time which includes mentoring young pre-teen girls on life-skills in Intonjane Training Institute, cheering in the stands as the #1 fan for her basketball son Jorden, enjoying “girltime” with her daughter Brooklyn, or merely having a nice dinner for two with her loving and supportive husband and best friend Chris...but no matter where she is, Angelique takes pride in being wherever she’s needed and prays that others are left in a better place somehow when she’s gone, enriched by her service; her words; her actions; or simply her dedicated work!