Determining Your Needs

  • DPSCD manages a high volume of data and information requests from a broad array of stakeholders and organizations seeking information for a variety of purposes.  The Office of Research, Evaluation, and Analytics is tasked with specifically processing and managing data and information requests submitted specifically for the purpose of academic research or program evaluation purposes.  Prior to submitting an application for data or information to the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Analytics, please review the decision guide and common other request types information provided below to determine the most appropriate channel for submitting your request.   

    If you are seeking data or information for the purposes of academic research or program evaluation, please proceed with reviewing the rest of the application support information provided and submitting an online application to the Office of Research, Evaluation, and Analytics in this section.  If your request type does not fall specifically into one of the other request types described below, or you are uncertain about the best way to submit your request, please feel free to e-mail us directly at for additional support.


Data & Information Needs Decision Guide

  • School or District Overall Results Reports

  • Individual Student Records for Parents/Guardians

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

  • New Program Partnerships or Grant Requests

  • Media Requests