Conducting Research In DPSCD

  • DPSCD’s Office of Research, Evaluation, & Analytics welcomes external research proposals with the potential for advancing knowledge or improving practice within the district to help produce tangible improvements for our students, schools, or the community as a whole. 

    The resources available in this section are designed to help support prospective internal and external research partners better understand the research proposal application process and be prepared in advance with any information or materials that will be required during the online submission process.

    Throughout the following pages you will find resources and links to additional information intended to help prospective research partners better:

    Understand current DPSCD research priorities

    Determine the best way to find information, access data, or apply to collect information in DPSCD

    Understand all of the steps in DPSCD's external partner research application review and approval process

    Prepare all necessary response information and supplemental documents required for submitting an application

    Find the answers to frequently asked questions or contact information for any additional questions

    Review an available library of recently conducted key studies and results from recent DPSCD research partnerships

    We strongly encourage prospective new applicants to review all of the support and reference materials available throughout this section in order to best position your proposal for review in terms of alignment with key district priorities and potential benefits to improving practice for students, staff, or the district as a whole above and beyond other recently conducted research.