DPSCD Research Priorities

  • Detroit Public Schools Community District is committed to fostering meaningful research activity aligned with supporting our mission to educate and empower every student, in every community, every day, to build a stronger Detroit. ...

    Research priorities are categorized into the following priority area groupings below: 

    → Ongoing Priority Areas include specific research priorities directly aligned with the district’s Blueprint 2020 Strategic Plan Priorities.  These represent critical areas for continual evaluation, review, and adaptation in as we strive towards meeting our long-term strategic improvement goals.  These areas will remain consistent as priority research focus areas throughout the term of the current strategic plan.

    → Flexible Priority Areas include annually updated research priorities included to provide deeper learning and critical information on immediate, time-sensitive issues which may be particularly relevant during one year but that are not necessarily expected to require consistent priority focus over multiple years.

    Please use the resource information provided below to review the district's current research priorities for external partnership alignment.

Ongoing Priority Areas

  • Outstanding Achievement

  • Transformative Culture

  • Whole Child Commitment

  • Exceptional Talent

  • Responsible Stewardship

Flexible Priority Areas

  • DPSCD Board Legislative Priorities

  • Operational Excellence