Responsible Stewardship

  • At DPSCD, we manage and deploy our resources responsibly, transparently, and equitably to support our students’ success.

    What progress are we making toward Responsible Stewardship?

    • The District installed hydration stations in 100% of schools to ensure safe drinking water for all DPSCD students.
    • The District has established a positive fund balance for the past two years.
    • New laptops have been deployed to all teachers, and the District has reduced the student-to-device ratio from 6.2 to 3.6.

    What are some of our strategies to build Responsible Stewardship?

    • The District has completed a zero-based budgeting process and aligned the budget to the Strategic Plan while maintaining a balance budget since 2016.
    • DPSCD thoroughly assessed the state of our buildings and technology infrastructure.
    • The District has made progress toward recapturing enrollment.

    What’s next for Responsible Stewardship?

    • The District has over $500 million in facilities needs and is working with community partners to develop a plan to address these needs.
    • DPSCD intends to continue distributing laptops to schools until all schools have a 1:1 student-to-laptop ratio.

    The District will advocate for equitable funding at the state level, making the case for a weighted funding formula that attends to the needs of DPSCD’s students.