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Clippert Academy Students Learn from the Major Leagues

Unlike your everyday classroom experience, the sixth-grade students at Clippert Academy were surprised with a guest appearance from retired Detroit Tigers Outfielder Craig Monroe, who joined the students in a six-station hands on field day experience organized by the Detroit Public Schools Community Districts (DPSCD) partners EverFi, the Detroit Tigers, Lions and Red Wings.

From the ball field to the classroom, students experienced an elevated curriculum that demonstrated skills on how to handle a hockey stick with the Detroit Red Wings, to throwing and hitting with the Detroit Tigers. Students engaged in break-out sessions provided by EverFi focused on digital training about their future goals.

Samantha Rojo-Beccerra,  a third-generation sixth grade student at Clippert shared her most exciting highlight, “Playing baseball, "she said. Ms. Rojo-Beccera said, “This experience has been important for students like me to learn more about other sports and getting to interact with the players.”

Eddy Barba, a seventh-grade student shares his previous experience about the EverFi platform, “It is very fun because it includes interesting topics [according] to my age. I learned more about STEM with the reading out loud and some even had mini games.”

The EverFi program is a District wide partnership that provides students with the opportunity to further explore digital learning within the classroom. Tracy Ortiz, a sixth-grade science teacher who has spearheaded this partnership at Clippert shares how she has used these resources within her classroom.

“I have used the EverFi program every year because it is a good support for Math and Science. I have a STEM lab, so the students are able to build skills, social skills, and I realized the different resources provided on the platform.”

We hope to continue to share how partners are helping students to rise. To learn more about DPSCD community partnership in your school’s area click here.

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