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2019 Family Summer Guide

Congratulations DPSCD families on a successful school year! As you begin to organize your summer plans, please check out the following links that will keep your students involved in learning (to avoid the summer slide) and engaged in activities throughout the summer season.


  • Parent Academy 2019 Summer Course Catalog- Free classes for parents and families that support student and parent success, sign up for a free class today,click here


  • Apply for Fall 2019 Admission to Examination High Schools. The deadline for admission is June 28, so don’t hesitate, find out more by following this link.-


  • The Offices of Literacy and Mathematics recommend great resources to keep students learning during the summer. From remediation to enrichment, it is important for our students to keep active over the summer. In collaboration with our blended learning partners we are offering several summer enrichment challenges.


  • Fall 2019 New Schools. Did you know DPSCD will be opening four new schools in the Fall in effort to provide families with additional options? To learn more about a school that is right for you, visit-


  • Job Fairs and Featured Job Openings. When our students rise, we all rise. Join our teaching community, where we strive towards one united goal! Learn more about our teaching opportunities at -


  • Kindergarten 2019 Summer Bootcamp. A five-week parent and child summer camp created to prepare your student for Kindergarten in the Fall. To register, follow the link here


  • DPSCD Service/Volunteer Application-The District has hundreds of volunteers that play a key role in the daily operation of schools, sports, special projects, events, and a myriad of other opportunities. Check out the link to learn more about the steps to complete a volunteer application.


  • Camp Burt Shurly- At this camp, located in Gregory, MI, your student will learn lessons in reading, math, science, and how to live in a community setting. While surrounded by nature, your child will engage in leadership opportunities. To learn more check out this link!


  • Hype Teen Center- H.Y.P.E. stands for helping young people excel and serves as a safe space for teens to learn, explore, or simply hang out. At the Detroit Public Library, the center provides an environment for young people to gather and motivate one another to achieve their highest potential. Learn more by clicking this link.