• What is a petition?

    This is for students that took the exam and submitted an application for entrance into a Detroit Public School Community District examination high school but did not receive their desired placement. The District offers the opportunity for these students to participate in a petition process (formerly called appeals) to request a reconsideration of their school assignments or denial of admission to the exam high school of their choice.

    Who may petition?
    Any student who submitted an application, took the exam and received a placement decision.

    I got into a school, but it's not the one I want to attend. Can I petition?


    I indicated that I was interested in 5 schools on my application, but only got into one. Why?
    Students are placed in only one school. They are assigned to the school that is the highest choice for which they qualify. 

    How do I begin the petition process?

    Students who want to petition must request a petition form by clicking on the link provided in their notification email or via their Submittable account. After clicking through, select "Add a message," type the words "Request Petition Form" in the field and submit.

    Who reviews and makes decisions on petitions?

    Examination high school leadership teams will review and decide on petition applications.

    May I petition to more than one exam high school?

    Yes, however, you may only submit one application. Your materials will be viewed by all schools to which you are petitioning.

    Can I petition even if I got my first-choice school?


    I haven't submitted an application or taken the test. Can I petition to get into a school?
    No. You may apply in the next available application window. To be notified when the application for Fall 2020 is ready, take this survey.

    I missed the first round application deadline. May I petition to get into an examination high school?

    No. You may apply in the second round, which will open on April 24. The deadline for second-round applications is June 29, 2020. The exam will be administered on Friday July 10, 2020.

    Can I take the exam again?

    No. Applicants may take the admissions exam once per annual application cycle. 

    When does the petition process open?

    The petition window for Round 1 applicants opened on January 10, 2020.

    What is the deadline for submitting my petition?

    All petitions must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 7, 2019. Petitions submitted after this time will not be considered.

    What do I do once I receive my petition form?

    Once you receive your petition form through your Submittable application page, you will first enter your name and then choose which school or schools you are petitioning for admission.

    Here are the other requirements:

    1. ESSAY: What do you think is important for people to know about why you are a strong candidate for your desired school(s)? Your essay must provide an explanation regarding your academic record, circumstances and/or details about other special skills or talent that would not have been revealed during the initial 750-word limit. The applicant must type this into Submittable.
    2. TWO LETTERS OF SUPPORT: Applicants may submit three pieces of evidence that support the claims made in their essay. Two letters of support are required. Applicants may submit an optional third letter of support . Letters may come from teachers, principals, mentors and/or community members. Family members may not submit recommendations on behalf of students. Letters should be specific to the individual student and their qualifications for admission to their desired school.
    3. OPTIONAL THIRD LETTER OR ARTIFACT: In lieu of 1 letter of recommendation,students may submit an artifact that supports the claims made in the essay.This must be uploaded via Submittable.

    Will I need to provide a reference email address?
    No. You must upload your letters of support. They are due with the petition form.

    I just submitted my petition on Submittable. What’s next?

    You may be invited to participate in an interview. This does not apply to all applicants. Students who are invited for an interview will be contacted by the school. Applicants may not request an interview. 

    When will I be notified of the final decision?

    Notification will be given to students by March 4, 2020. You will check your email or log into your Submittable account.

    What if I have more questions about the petition process?

    If you have a specific question that you cannot find online, please email us at or call (313) 873-6345 during regular business hours: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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