Taking the Exam

  • About the Exam

    All examination high school applicants are required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The exam, which covers Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science, may only be taken once per application cycle. This means students who take the test in November/December may not take it again in July. The duration of the exam is 3.5 hours. It will be administered on paper.

    Current District 8th Grade Students

    The spring test window for eighth-graders who attend Detroit Public Schools Community District schools will be shared with students in school.

    Contact your school to learn the specific day of your student's test. Not sure if your student attends a District school? Click here for a listing. District students must complete the application to be considered for admission. 

    Students who enroll in the district after the November application deadline may apply during the second round, which will be April 4-June 24, 2022.

    Out-of-District and Current District High School Students

    Students who do not currently attend a District school must submit an application in order to be scheduled for testing. Current District high school students may apply to transfer to an examination high school. An email confirmation that contains the student's designated arrival time will be sent to the email address that was used to submit the application in Submittable.
    If you don’t get a confirmation email after submitting your application, contact the Enrollment Division at exam.schools@detroitk12.org or (313) 873-6345.

  • Exceptional Students

  • Multi-Lingual Learners/English Language Learners

  • Students who may be exempted from testing

  • Examination Procedures

  • Exam Scoring

    The placement test is scored by the provider, Scholastic Testing Services. 

    The full application will be reviewed on the basis of their high school placement score, grade point average, and interest essay. For more information about application requirements and scoring, click here.


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  • Signing Out Students under 18 must be signed out by a parent or guardian. They are not allowed to leave on their own. If the parent/guardian wants their child to leave the exam on their own or with another person, they may complete a consent form.
  • Exam High School Placement Test Dates 2021-22

    District 8th Grade Students

    November 1-19, 2021

    Current Detroit Public Schools Community District 8th-grade students take the exam in school. 

    Out-of-District and High School

    Saturday April 23

    Early-bird exam for students seeking admission for Fall 2022. Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. April 17.

    Saturday May 7

    Early-bird exam for students seeking admission for Fall 2022. Application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. May 1.

    Friday July 8

    Monday July 11

    Tuesday July 12

    Wednesday July 13



    Test-taking Resources 

  • Test-Taking Tips

    • Listen to and read the directions for each subtest carefully.
    • Pace yourself – Time limits are set for each subtest. The test administrators should announce when time is halfway through so you can determine if you are working at a pace that will enable you to finish. Try not to spend too much time on one item.
    • Read each question carefully.
    • Work out the problem – Calculators are not permitted for the Mathematics subtest. You may use scratch paper or your test booklet to do any figuring.
    • Answer every question – If you are unsure of an answer, take your best guess. Your score is determined by the number of items you answer correctly; there is no penalty for answering incorrectly.
    • Check your work – If there is time left, go back and review your answers. Check to make sure each item has only one response. Throughout the test, continuously check that the answer you are marking on your answer sheet corresponds to the item number in the test booklet.

    Source: High School Placement Test