Taking the Exam

  • About the Exam

    Set aside about 2.5 hours to complete the exam. The exam covers math, ELA and science.

    Students who have IEP's that require accommodations will receive those accommodations. Not all IEP's specify accommodations.

    Current Detroit Public Schools Community District Students

    Eighth graders who attend district schools, but have not taken the test should sign up to take the test on July 12. 

    Current high school students who attend district schools will also take the test on July 12.

    Out-of-District Students

    Students who do not currently attend a district school must complete submit a complete application in order to be scheduled for testing. 

    Out-of-district applicants will take the test on July 12.

    Examination Policies

    Signing in and signing out

    Students must be signed in and out by an adult, such as a parent or guardian. They will not be allowed to leave unaccompanied after their exam. Please make arrangements for pickup. The testing duration is about 2.5 hours, though some students complete testing earlier.

    Electronic Devices

    Electronic devices are not allowed. Students must turn in cell phones at the door. They will be labeled and stored in an envelope during testing. Students may retrieve them areter they complete their exam. If a student is found with ANY electronic devices, including, but not limited to, cell phones and smart phones, at any time during testing OR during breaks, his or her test section will be invalidated, which means it will not be scored.

    Students will be provided an envelope to place their electronic device in during testing.  They can retrieve their electronic device as they exit the testing location.

    Pencils and scratch paper

    Students do not need to bring any supplies to testing. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided by the testing proctor.  

    Leaving Campus

    If your student leaves campus before completing a test section (for an appointment, illness, etc.), he or she WILL NOT be allowed to complete that test section. If your student does not feel well on the day of testing, it may be best to reschedule for the next test date provided by the district.

    Test-taking strategies

    Prepare by reviewing the Study Guide and taking online test preparations aligned to standardized testing (SAT, ACT or NWEA).Practice test-taking strategies prior to the exam to better prepare for a timed exam.

    All questions should be attempted. Be sure to use the blank sheets of paper provided to solve problems. Use the blank sheet of paper to track your work. Before proceeding to the next question, confirm you have selected the correct answer.

    Be sure to answer the questions completely and avoid answers containing more than one possibility. You should feel confident enough about your answer to clearly state it.

    If you get stuck on a question, leave the question blank. Return to the that question once you have completed all questions in that section.

    Do your own work. Remember, the goal is to help you place yourself into the correct high school courses and high school. If you do not do your own work, your results may not accurately reflect your placement level and you may enroll in a course that you are not ready for.

    Study Guide

    2018-19 Examination High School Study Guide

    Scoring Process

    Please note that the applicant will be reviewed on the basis of their high school placement score, GPA, letter of interest, and letter or recommendation. A rubric will be used by a team of reviewers that will analyze the application and provide a score. Current District students will receive 10 additional points for their application. Students who apply to the  new school at Marygrove will receive priority if they live within the school's boundary. Students who live within 1 mile of Marygrove College will receive 10 additional points, while those who live wthin 2 miles will receive an additional 5 points on their Marygrove application. 

    Examination score 40
    Transcript (GPA) 30
    Writing Sample (letter of intent) 20
    Letter of Recommendation 10
    BONUS +10 DPSCD current students
    Marygrove school applicants +10 Marygrove primary
    Marygrove school applicants +5 Marygrove secondary

    Student Interest Survey

    Students will also be given a survey at the end of the examination to share their areas of interest. This information will be used to further develop and improve programming throughout the district based on students interests.