• In an effort to streamline the background clearance process and more efficiently manage volunteers, the District has moved to an online volunteer management system. The new system can be accessed here from any computer or smartphone.


    Opportunities to Get Involved

    Alumni Association                                   Literacy Volunteer

    5,000 Male Role Models                            School-based needs

    Parent Academy                                       Mentoring

    Parent Action Leader                                Safe Routes to School

    Parent-Teacher Association                       School Advisory Council

    Parent Workshop Coordination                  Tutoring

    Family Resource Distribution Center


Level 1 Volunteer

  • A Level 1 volunteer is one who has contact with students, within the presence of a District employee or is assigned duties that may not directly involve students. This level volunteer requires an Internet Criminal History Tool (ICHAT) and the Michigan State Police Sex Offender Registry check. 

Level 2 Volunteer

  • A Level 2 volunteer is one who has direct contact with students outside of the presence of a District employee or who is assigned duties such as: tutoring, overnight and out-of-state trip chaperone, coaching, or a long-term mentoring assignment. This level volunteer requires a Criminal Convictions/Background check and Fingerprinting. 

  • A "Regular Volunteer" is one who volunteers inside a DPSCD building one or more times a week, necesitating participation in weekly COVID testing. 

    To register for Covid testing through our affiliate, LynxDx, please use this link

Contact Information

  • Laci Bosquez

    (734) 934-5215


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