DPSCD Leadership Team

  • DPSCD Superintendent

    Name: Nikolai P. Vitti, Ed.D.
    Title: Superintendent
    Email: nikolai.vitti@detroitk12.org

    DPSCD Cabinet

    Name: Iranetta Wright
    Title: Deputy Superintendent of Schools
    Email: iranetta.wright@detroitk12.org

    Name: Alycia Meriweather
    Title: Deputy Superintendent of External Partnerships, Enrollment and Innovation
    Email: alycia.meriweather@detroitk12.org

    Name: Luis Solano
    Title: Deputy Superintendent of Labor & Police
    Email: luis.solano@detroitk12.org

    Name: Elizabeth Cutrona
    Title: Deputy Superintendent of Strategy and Academics
    Email: elizabeth.cutrona@detroitk12.org

    Name: Marie Feagins, Ed.D.
    Title: Special Assistant to the Superintendent
    Email: marie.feagins@detroitk12.org

    Name: Jeremy Vidito
    Title: Chief Financial Officer
    Email: jeremy.vidito@detroitk12.org

    Name: Desirae Tolbert
    Title: Chief Public Affairs Officer
    Email: desirae.tolbert@detroitk12.org

    Name: Jenice Mitchell Ford, Esq.
    Title: General Counsel
    Email: jenice.mitchellford@detroitk12.org

    Name: Ben Jackson
    Title: Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
    Email: benjaman.jackson@detroitk12.org

    Name: Beth Gonzalez
    Title: Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
    Email: beth.gonzalez@detroitk12.org

    Name: Sharlonda Buckman
    Title: Assistant Superintendent of Family and Community Engagement
    Email: sharlonda.buckman@detroitk12.org

    Name: Machion Jackson
    Title: Assistant Superintendent of Facilities, Transportation, Food and Maintenance
    Email: machion.jackson@detroitk12.org

    Name: Chrystal Wilson
    Title: Assistant Superintendent of Communications and Marketing
    Email: chrystal.wilson@detroitk12.org

    Name: Lohren Nzoma
    Title: Senior Executive Director of Exceptional Student Education
    Email: lohren.nzoma@detroitk12.org

    Name: Tyrone Winfrey
    Title: Executive Director of Community Affairs
    Email: tyrone.winfrey@detroitk12.org

    Name: Sherisse Butler
    Title: Senior Director of Government Affairs
    Email: sherisse.butler@detroitk12.org

    Key Departmental Leadership

    Name: Bernadette Kakooza
    Title: Inspector General
    Email: bernadette.kakooza@detroitk12.org