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    Detroit Public Schools Community District is elevating and celebrating the amazing accomplishments of strong, determined women throughout the month of March!  Since 1987, the United states has formally recognized March as National Women's History Month, with March 8th designated as International Women's Day.  Every woman has a story to tell and gifts to share with the world.  Check out below ways you can celebrate women throuhout March and beyond!

  • Local & National Program Events & Exhibits:

    The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History Presents:

    GLIMPSES FROM AND STILL WE RISE: WOMEN FIRST! In honor of Women’s History Month, this session will explore four extraordinary women known for their strength of character against challenging forces.

    March 10, 2022 (Virtual Zoom Option Via: https://us06web.zoom.us/s/82827830340)

    • Jane Matilda Bolin: A trailblazing attorney who became the first African American female judge in the United States.
    • Ruby Bridges: The first African American child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis.
    • Fannie Lou Hamer: One of the most important, passionate, and powerful voices of the civil rights and voting rights movements.
    • Angela Davis: A powerful political activist, philosopher, author, and professor at the University of California.

    Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative

    Join the Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative for virtual workshops for children ages 3-6 and their adult companions. Learn about art, history, and more! Educators from the Smithsonian will lead three different 30-minute programs that incorporate close looking at art and historical objects. Adults must remain with children throughout each program. March 11, 16, & 21 - Register HERE  Her Story: How Women and Girls Transformed the World! (Free Registration)