• In DPSCD we elevate and celebrate a variety of identities and heritages present in our community.  Recognizing that this is not a complete list, we attempt to elevate those heritages and identities often not centered in our society.  While we work diligently to integrate these heritages and identities in all we do every day, we believe that designating a time to specifically highlight these heritages and identities helps to ensure that they are visible to all.  We offer you the resources associated with each month per the calendar below:

    September 1-21 - Born This Way's Foundation #BeKind21 Campaign 

    September 10 - 19 (dates vary yearly): Welcoming Week

    September 15-Oct. 15: Hispanic Heritage

    October 1-31: Ability Awareness

    November 1-30: Indigenous Heritage

    December 1-31: Human Rights

    January 1-31: DETROIT STRONG

    February 1-28: African American/Black Heritage

    March 1-31: Women and Irish American Heritage

    April 1-30: Arab American Heritage

    May: Jewish American and Asian American Heritage

    June: LGBTQ+ PRIDE/Immigrant Heritage Month