A Digital Citizenship Guide for Families

  • This guide provides information and strategies you can use to help your child be a good online digital citizen, so they can be productive when learning online and so that recognize when behaviors are inappropriate. 

    Microsoft Teams - Our Online Learning Platform

    Your child will be using Microsoft Teams to interact with his or her teacher and others within the class. Microsoft Teams includes students engaging in a variety of learning activities, like participating in online chats, discussions, meetings, and group assignments.  Being a good digital citizen means using these features for educational purposes and when the teacher is present or by following the teacher’s directions.  Breaking these rules may cause a student to be removed from using one or more of these Teams features.  Students are expected to adhere to the District’s Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy including properly interacting in online discussions and chats.

    Strategies You Can Use to Support Your Child in Being a Good Digital Citizen

    • Positively reinforce why it is important to act appropriately and be productive when using technology.
    • Find a quiet, comfortable space, free from distractions, for your child to work.
    • Designate specific blocks of time for free time around your child’s learning schedule.
    • Monitor your child's online activities - verify (s)he is staying on task and not being distracted.
    • Frequently ask your child questions about their online learning, like:

    “How was school today?”

    “What did your teacher teach you today?”

    “What did you learn today?”

    “What was your best work from today?”

    “Are there any assignments you need help with?”

    “Who did you see today in class?”

    • Use the apps that they are using - get familiar with Teams at https://www.detroitk12.org/teams
    • Contact the teacher if your child is confused or needs help with an assignment.
    • You know your child best! Set rules for your child to follow to do their best work.

    Your student is navigating online learning with you.  Be patient.  We are all learning how to work in this new territory at the same time.  If you have questions about the Microsoft Teams or any of the learning tools that your student is using, please contact us at it.training@detroitk12.org.