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CMA Students Rise with Friendships and Digital Media Arts Career Pathway

As her freshman year winds down at Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD’s) Communication and Media Arts (CMA) High School , student Erica Reed recalled being anxious when the 22-23 school year kicked off in late August.

“Some people think, as a freshman going into high school, as I was in the fall, that the seniors are going to be mean, that’s how people might think of it,” Erica said, with a self-depreciating laugh. “Hannah (motioning to Hannah Jefferson, a CMA senior seated nearby), came over to me and was sweet to me. She welcomed me and I didn’t even know her. Once we started talking, I automatically liked her.”

The family atmosphere of CMA is among the many factors that has propelled Reed’s rise at the school this year. With a penchant for public speaking, she earned an opportunity to sharpen her skill by speaking with 8th graders who have been visiting CMA and considering attending the school in the fall. She’s also involved in several of the school’s digital media arts extracurricular groups and believes her CMA experience can catapult her toward her goal of being a social media influencer and brand ambassador in the fashion industry.

“Right now, for my generation, using social media is a really big thing. I feel like I could get a brand out there and add my speaking voice. I feel like I can tie the two together. That’s why I came to CMA, for my career field,” said Erica.

Reed’s decision to attend CMA because of its digital media arts pathway is music to the ears of the school’s principal, Tiffany Cox. This fall, CMA is expected to open a new broadcast center. The broadcast center will enable students to be even more immersed in CMA’s nationally recognized digital media arts pathway where students can earn a nationally recognized certification. The new broadcast center also further cements CMA’s relationship with DPSCD’s Office of Athletics. Aspiring student sports broadcasters can learn tricks of the trade along with covering games and contributing to Office of Athletics events.

“We want to give our students a taste of what it is like in the media arts realm,” said Principal Cox, adding that CMA is also working to expand its programs in music and visual arts. Meanwhile, senior Hannah Jefferson is looking forward to finishing high school and attending a yet to be determined college to become a lawyer.

“Coming from middle school, I was a quiet kid. Coming to CMA has allowed me to voice my opinion and speak up for what I believe in,” reflected Hannah, noting another highlight of her nearly four years at CMA, has been founding and leading a student community advocacy group called, “We are the Change.” “CMA has opportunities. It’s up to you to reach out and grab them,” said Hannah.

With its renowned digital media arts career pathway, expanded programming in other arts areas such as music and visual arts as well as ongoing school building enhancements, Communications and Media Arts High School can be your high school in the future. As one of six DPSCD Examination High Schools, click here to learn more about applying to attend CMA or any of DPSCD’s Examination High Schools.

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