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Check Out the 5 Things You Need to Know This Week!

The Q2 survey is live: Action Item -Families and students have the opportunity to update their preference for whether they want their student to attend school online only, in person only, or through a combination of the two.   

The survey will also provide an opportunity to modify their student’s online learning schedule if parents prefer online learning in the second quarter. The school principal will review the survey results and engage the entire school community on possible schedule changes for online learning, face to face learning, or a combination of the two.  Parents are encouraged to please discuss the survey with their child and complete it through the child’s email address or at

Families can see the available schedule options on the DPCSD website here.  

If families or students are unable to take the survey or have trouble logging in, then please call the District’s Help Desk at (313) 240-4377, 7am-5pm, Monday through Friday. 

Exam High Schools Application Window Opens on October 12th: Interested in attending one of our six examination high schools? The application window opens for all grades at Noon on Monday, October 12th. Please visit for more information.  

Show Up and Make it Count Instagram Contest October 12th-October 18th: We’re calling on all DPSCD students and families to face off by submitting a video (one minute or less) the week of October 12-18 for a chance to win cool prizes. Individual and school-wide attendance improves your chances of winning, encourage your classmates to show up! Contest rules and other information can be found at or at hashtag #DPSCDShowsUP.  

DPSCD Spirit Week: Spread some spirit to those around you as October 12th-16th is Spirit Week throughout the District. Check with your school to see what each daily theme is, as they are specific to each school.  

Supper is Served Starting Week of October 12th: DPSCD’s Office of School Nutrition is now serving after-school supper Monday through Thursday every week. Families with students attending face to face learning or at learning centers should contact their school for more information on after-school supper.