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Grad Akia Eashi Regained Spark in Math Plans to Keep Leading

The transition back to in-person learning after two years of virtual classes was a significant challenge for many students, including Akia Eashi, a 2024 graduate from Crockett Midtown.

Although a challenge, during this time Akia credits Ms. Ngozi Okoro, Mathematic’s Teacher Crockett Midtown, as playing, “...a phenomenal role in my educational journey, after spending two years virtual within the district, my confidence within my favorite subject was low, her incredible patience and love to teach brought back the spark I had for math.”

Akia said, Ms. Okoro was a supportive teacher and would go beyond her way to help as many students as she could.

Akia will be attending Wayne State University, with a major in Information Technology and a minor in Business Administration. The exposure to various industries through field trips, programs, and internships offered by the district played a crucial role in shaping Akia's career choices.

She offers this advice to incoming 9th graders:

"Take any opportunity that comes your way. It's a little scary surrounding yourself with many new people, but with these new people come new memories. Do as much as you can during high school, but have fun with it.

“Finding who you are and what you like in life is just as important as doing well in your education. DPSCD offers so many internships, workshops, and more to help you grow and be successful. For me, being a part of Detroit Executive Youth Council (DEYC), doing Michigan Youth in Government (MYIG), and being a part of my school's leadership were all different opportunities I gained through the district that helped me grow immensely."

As Akia steps into the next chapter of their life, her experiences and achievements will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for continued success.

Congratulations, Akia, and best of luck at Wayne State University! Your future is bright, and the possibilities are endless.