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Celebrating the Class of 2024 Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Graduation is a special time to recognize and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and achievements of our students. For the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), the Class of 2024 has truly shined. We are proud to highlight the valedictorians and salutatorians from each DPSCD high school. These exceptional students have not only excelled academically but also demonstrated leadership, resilience, and a commitment to excellence.

Academy of the Americas

  • Valedictorians: Jailine Ferrer Velez and Sherlyn Verde
  • Salutatorian: Jamileth Rivera Hernandez

Cass Technical High School

  • Valedictorians: Naser Almardahi, Katherine Brown, Tanya Calzada-Calzada, Estephany Campos, Ethan Davis, Dhetee Deb, Amina Embree, Savanna Evans, Mariajose Galarza-Ramirez, Citali Guzman-Pena, Chloe Hunter, Zharia Hunter, Sharefa Miah, Maheah Musa, Masuma Niha, Zaara Noor, Adanna Nwamba, Nicholas Parnell, Zarif Rahman, Najimal Ritu, Aditi Roy, Maliha Shaikh, Christian Sahwver, Kimani Stokes, Alexis Stuckey, MD Uddin, Nubah Uddin, Kennedy Watts
  • Salutatorian: Samaria Welch

Central High School

  • Valedictorian: Kyla Stephens
  • Salutatorians: Ashley Redding-Thurmond and Sarah Mobley

Communication and Media Arts High School (CMA)

  • Valedictorian: India Mullen
  • Salutatorian: Ashayla Middlebrook

Cody High School

  • Valedictorian: Isabella Delgado
  • Salutatorian: Shawnna Clay

Crockett Midtown High School

  • Valedictorian: Tahsin Oporna
  • Salutatorians: Akia Eashi and De'Asia Jones

Davis Aerospace Technical High School

  • Valedictorian: Tay Shawn Calloway
  • Salutatorian: Jei'Juan Vines

Denby High School

  • Valedictorian: Dwight Miller IV
  • Salutatorian: D'Juan Goudy

Detroit International Academy

  • Valedictorian: Rahima Shordar
  • Salutatorian: Reya Ahmed

Detroit Lions Academy

  • Valedictorian: Da'Monique Richardson
  • Salutatorian: Jace Lee

Detroit School of Arts (DSA)

  • Valedictorian: Cedar Rock
  • Salutatorian: Afiya Userkaf

DPSCD Virtual School

  • Valedictorian: Andrew Peralta-Rivera
  • Salutatorian: Kaitlin Brooks

East English Village Preparatory Academy at Finney

  • Valedictorian: Keyshawn Cicero Jones
  • Salutatorians: Amber Elise Christian and Teonna Kyla Barber

Frederick Douglass Academy

  • Valedictorian: Benjamin Matthew Gavin
  • Salutatorian: Keith Anthony Constantine Morales

Henry Ford High School

  • Valedictorian: Jada Fahti Harris
  • Salutatorian: Juwan Anthony Brown

Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School

  • Valedictorian: Tanesha Griffin
  • Salutatorian: Braylon Rocquemore

Marygrove High School

  • Valedictorians: Lauryn Benning, Lia Benning, Karis Robinson, Adam Tlaib
  • Salutatorian: Amara Small

Mumford High School

  • Valedictorian: Saria Uddin
  • Salutatorian: Racquel Holmes

Northwestern High School

  • Valedictorian: Jewel Farmer
  • Salutatorian: Marielena Pedro Lopez

Osborn High School

  • Valedictorian: Benjamin Lor
  • Salutatorian: Deshawn Baker

Pershing High School

  • Valedictorian: MD Kolil
  • Salutatorians: James Conner and Doriyon Jemison

Renaissance High School

  • Valedictorians: Mariah Farr, Olivia Lunsford, Christian Sanders
  • Salutatorians: Stacie Robinson and Dante Parker

Southeastern High School

  • Valedictorian: Iyanna Galvan
  • Salutatorian: Mawrese Morris

Western International High School

  • Valedictorian: Fatima Ramirez
  • Salutatorians: Yadira Cabrera and Arizahy Vazquez Perez

Congratulations to all our valedictorians and salutatorians for their incredible achievements. Your hard work and dedication have set a high standard for academic excellence in our community. We look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will accomplish in the future! 🎓✨