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Western Student Gains Admission to Harvard: Plans to Give Back to His Community

Marcos Garcia, a senior at Western International High School in Detroit, has achieved an incredible feat by earning acceptance to 19 out of the 22 colleges he applied to, including five Ivy League universities. Despite having lived in the United States for three years, Marcos has committed to attending the nation's top medical school, Harvard Medical School, here he plans to study Pre-Med Bio-Chem.

Marcos attributes his success to the guidance and support he received from his teachers at Western International High School, who encouraged him to take college preparatory classes.

"My AP classes placed me among peers who were as dedicated to their education as I am. My teachers in these courses enhanced my note-taking abilities and supplied me with college prep videos to ensure I was well-prepared for higher education,” said Marcos

He also credits his experiences in the Henry Ford College Ryse-Med program, a summer program for metro Detroit students interested in healthcare, for solidifying his passion for medicine.

During the summer program, Marcos had the opportunity to witness an emergency C-section and provide translation assistance to a Spanish-speaking woman in labor.

"After the delivery, the woman said, 'Thank you so much and may God bless you.' Hearing this from her brought tears to my eyes,” said Marcos.

This experience reaffirmed Marcos' desire to become a doctor and serve his community. The program also allowed him to gain hands-on experience working hands on in the labs, further enhancing his knowledge and skills in the medical field.

Marcos's dedication to his education and his community stems from his humble beginnings in a small town in Mexico, where he witnessed firsthand the limited resources available to help those in need. This experience instilled in him a strong desire to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

Upon graduating from Harvard and completing his residency, Marcos plans to conduct research in the Detroit area, focusing on the Spanish-speaking community.

"I want to return to Mexico and establish a clinic and foundation for children in my former community, providing them with opportunities to explore the medical field and have access to resources that were not available to me when growing up," said Marcos.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) is proud to have played a role in Marcos' success and wishes him the best as he embarks on his journey at Harvard Medical School this June. Marcos’ achievements demonstrate the incredible potential of DPSCD students and the district's commitment to providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. Students are rising at a DPSCD school near you.