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The Progress of Dreams: Mr. Cartwright's Impact at Randolph CTC

In the heart of Detroit, where we are known for the roar of engines and emerging industries, Randolph Career and Technical Center stands out as a true beacon of opportunity, is not your ordinary learning institution; it's where lives are shaped, literal sparks fly, and where the dreams of our students start to manifest as reality.

An Artist of Metal

Over the past three years, the welding program at Randolph Career and Technical Center (CTC), under the guidance of Mr. Kevin Cartwright, offers students the opportunity to master the art of metalworking and fabrication. Through this program, students have created remarkable pieces that not only showcase their talent and skill but also exemplify their dedication to craftsmanship. Mr. Cartwright himself is no stranger to the world of career and technical education. As a Detroit Public Schools graduate and former CTE student, Cartwright embarked on his CTE journey within the pathway of commercial arts.

Preston Hobbs, junior, welding program attended a recent art showcase at Madonna University.

"Mr. Cartwright’s paintings were so creative and made me think out of the box. Under Mr. Cartwright's guidance, I have discovered a new passion and a potential career path in welding,” said Hobbs.

"Every day in the welding workshop is an opportunity for students like Hobbs to think outside the box. There are so many opportunities within the welding industry. ...if you put your mind to it, you can do it," said Mr. Cartwright.

Mr. Cartwright's artistic flair is not confined to the classroom. His passion for creation extends beyond the science of melding steel and aluminum. Recently, his art was displayed on the walls of Madonna University. It was said that his paintings reflected the creativity that fuels his passion.

Safety, a fundamental element of mastering welding, is Mr. Cartwright's key instruction. With precise training, he instills in his students a deep respect for the standards set by the American Welding Society. Through practice and mentorship, these aspiring welders come to understand that welding is not merely joining materials, but a commitment to a bond that withstands the most rigorous tests.

During February, known as CTE month, we are highlighting teachers, such as Mr. Cartwright. The Randolph CTC welding program under Mr. Cartwright's guidance is a shining example of how career and technical education programs empower students to realize their dreams. For more information about Randolph, or to tour the building please visit, Randolph CTC / Home Page.