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Safety Tips from DPSCD Public Safety

Safety Tips from DPSCD Public Safety 

As students and families prepare for Halloween on Tuesday October 31, 2023, the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) Department of Public Safety has some Halloween safety tips for you and your family.  

Students are advised not to wear face mask costumes that obstruct their vision. Costumes with face masks or other head pieces should fit properly so vision is clear. Refrain from replacing costume props with real weapons. For outside trick or treaters, it is recommended that you check the weather and dress appropriately. When walking in your neighborhood wear comfortable shoes and be aware of your surroundings.

Small children should be supervised, and tweens and teens should practice the buddy system. Never allow children to trick or treat, or trunk or treat alone. Children with mobile devices should make sure they are fully charged, and parents should utilize Find my Friend or other global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices and share their location.

Have your child walk on the sidewalk and avoid high traffic roadways whenever possible. With the fall nights getting darker earlier in the evening, carry flashlights or wear reflective clothing to help drivers with visibility. Avoid trick or treating in areas with low visibility and unoccupied residences.

Before consuming any sweets or candy make sure you inspect all items with your children. Avoid items that have been home baked or seem to have been tampered with. If your child encounters any harmful or illegal substances, take them to the hospital immediately for proper treatment.

For more information on the City of Detroit local curfew guidelines click here. If trick or treating outside of your local neighborhood designate a location and time for children to return home. Discuss with your children local curfew hours to avoid being detained by local police authorities.

If you see something, say something. To report a crime or other unsafe behavior, please contact Ok2say; it is an anonymous tip line.

Most importantly, Labrit Jackson Chief of Police, DPSCD Department of Public Safety wants all students to have a fun and safe Halloween and school year!