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Aligned Curriculum Development and Training Provides Lasting Impact for Students

Detroit Public Schools Community District’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction led the adoption of new standards aligned curriculum in the District nearly five years ago, receiving input from staff, teachers, students, families and the community. The recent MSTEP scores demonstrated DPSCD students outpaced progress across the entire state of Michigan. This doesn’t happen by accident.

“Helping students rise means everything. One of the most amazing things for us as district leaders is when we take standards and create curriculum, whether we are purchasing it or writing it with teachers, asking students for their feedback on a previous lesson and hearing good feedback and having them repeat things back to us, that is huge,” said Dwight Jones, senior executive director of instructional support at DPSCD.

By engaging teachers in district-wide initiatives, including curriculum adoptions and curriculum guide development, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction draws upon the expertise of the District’s educators as they work together to create models of outstanding achievement in every classroom, empowering schools to help students rise. They indeed are doing their part.

Jones said that he and his colleagues work with a variety of stakeholders to lead instructional quality, support, and any curriculum changes that are needed based upon evaluated data and student growth. Everything the Office of Curriculum and Instruction does is tied back to DPSCD’s Whole Child Commitment. This includes providing a wide variety of enrichment opportunities that support students in unlocking their full potential as they extend their skills and talents beyond the classroom.

Part of this alignment also includes ensuring frequent professional development opportunities for both principals and teachers and encouraging students to speak up to make sure they have what they need.

“The best advice I would give to our students is my motto for success.  Success is when preparation meets opportunity.  Education is the great equalizer that will open more doors to become successful. Therefore, don’t waste time while in school; maximize your learning experience so that you will be confident that your education has prepared you to seize the opportunity.”

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