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Carstens- We can Accomplish Anything Together!

Carstens Academy of Aquatic Science,  offers a rigorous STEM-themed curriculum which promotes growth and achievement for each student, and is the recipient of a $6 million school improvement grant. Carstens serves students grades Pre-K to 8 on a campus that is uniquely situated to utilize the community’s many outdoor natural waterfront resources to teach hands-on lessons. Carstens offers abundant extra-curricular activities, including basketball and cheerleading, yearbook, mentoring, anti-bullying programs and more! Carstens has long lasting partnerships with Detroit Parents Network, Gift of Sight, Horatio Williams Foundation, STEM: Genius, The Marino Group, Chrysler UAW, Department of Human Services and more to meet the needs of students and their families.

Afterschool programs like soccer, basketball, beginner band, cheerleading, and track/field are some of the activities that foster a sense of belonging among the student body.  In addition, reading and math tutoring sessions are facilitated by certified teachers, to ensure students receive a productive and enriched extended learning day experience.  

Carstens message to our community is “We can accomplish anything together!”  Therefore, we invite our parents and community partners to join in the following events: SOAR Reading Intervention, Haunted Hallways- Halloween Initiative, Parent Advisory Committee, and Field Day. These are some of the ways parents can become involved here at Carstens.