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Parents support the Rise of their Students Every Day

Damen Simpson, the father of  Dayton Simpson, senior at Cody High School said his son has always been amazing.

Mr. Simpson is so proud of Dayton and his hard work despite the challenges seen on and off the court or the field. As a member of the Cody Football Team, he recently wrapped up the basketball season, Dayton not only understands the importance of attending school every day but also maintaining a practice schedule while going through the loss of his mom.

Mr. Simpson said, “I just want Dayton to be happy, and whatever he chooses I’m behind him 100 percent. I know that being in school and doing well will impact the young kids in the neighborhood and I know they look up to him.”

“This is his chance to make it, this is the age from here on out, this is what will make him a mature man. I tell him whatever positive and seemingly impossible things he sees others doing, he can do it too.”

Mr. Simpson said he encourages his children to learn something new every day; he knows to do that they must attend school every day.  “It’s my number one priority with them, being in school and getting their education, there are folks who can’t go to school but want to go to school. Anything is possible, no matter what, learn it. You might not use it now, but you may be able to use it in the future.”