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Making School a Priority May Mean Planning Ahead

Maintaining perfect attendance is a number one priority in the Wheeler -Linebarger household. DeeJay Wheeler-Linebarger, 2nd grade and his sister, Dallas Wheeler-Linebarger, 1st grade have not been late or absent since attending Carleton Elementary School.  DeeJay has over 500 days of perfect attendance since his enrollment as a Pre- Kindergarten student.

Elederick Rias, Attendance Agent at Carleton Elementary, said, “I have been an Attendance Agent here at Carleton for six years and I can remember DeeJay as a Pre-K student. Their mother, Mrs. Dionica Wheeler, has not only prepared them for school every day but plays an active role as a member of the PTA and volunteers at the school when needed."

Mrs. Wheeler said a routine and schedule are important. “I get them in bed early, I give them their vitamins and I schedule their appointments late afternoon, so they won’t miss school. We make school a top priority.”

She said if you make school a priority, you will find other options to help get things done.

We are celebrating Mrs. Wheeler, DeeJay and Dallas for making Every School Day Matter!

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