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Grandma Brown Says School First: Every School Day Matters

Barriers and challenges are being addressed every day, but they are not stopping the rise of two sisters. Bonnie Brown, 5th grade, and her sister Brielle Brown, 4th grade, both attends Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School. They are being recognized for Perfect attendance this year and making every school day matter. Despite any challenges we may not see, these two sisters have made significant improvements, and we are proud of them.

Their grandmother, Brenda Brown, said the girls have a good schedule, they get to sleep on time and eat on time. “We get up early and we get out the door. When they go to bed on time, it makes them get up early, it prompts them to do what they need to do. They are aware of the clock, and they are taking responsibility for their preparation.”

The sisters take the bus and Grandma Brown makes sure she connects with the driver to keep them safe and on time.

Brielle enjoys playing with her PS 2 and Bonnie enjoys basketball after they complete their homework. They also enjoy playing with their friends, but Grandma says school first.

Thank you to the Brown sisters who are making Every School Day Matter!