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Hamilton Elementary-Middle School: Building a Better Community

Hamilton Elementary-Middle School is a Pre-K-8 school that strives to develop its students’ character and academics through exceptional teaching. They implement school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, rigorous curriculum, small-group instruction, and character-building lessons. Additionally, they offer physical education, art classes and dance classes tied to the whole child commitment. During lunch, students are introduced to the Drone Program.  This program offers Drone Concepts, Science and Technology Innovations. It also offers Drone Flight Simulation and Flying with a chance to participate in tournaments.

 Afterschool programs like soccer teach soccer skills, sportsmanship and healthy choices. They partner with our parents to ensure each child experiences academic growth. Hamilton features an outdoor classroom which includes a rain garden to connect learning to the outdoors. The outdoor classroom lab is a chance for students to get hands on nature. They also offer basketball and Chess Club. This year Hamilton added Girls Scouts to give our girls access to potential global experiences.

They are continuing with their Academic Games and Robotics Programs. Academic Games tests our student’s knowledge in language arts, math and social studies. Hamilton students attended their first State Tournament and placed last year.  Its robotics team has started to prepare for upcoming events.  Healthy Living provides Hamilton’s students with healthy habits for life. Students learn about healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains.  We are proud of our students who are trying to eat healthy foods. Green Machine-Hamilton’s students are proud recyclers.  Students come around each week to make sure all of our teachers and students are recycling. Our students are proud of our clean building.

The Hamilton message to its community is to come and become a part of our Parent Advisory family.  See what we have to offer and work with our team of teachers and staff to make this a better school.  Better Schools equal better communities. Better communities equal better schools.