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Unlocking Potential: Exceptional Student Education at DPSCD

At Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), we believe every student deserves the opportunity to thrive. That's why our Office of Exceptional Student Education is dedicated to supporting students with exceptional needs, ensuring they have the tools and resources to reach their full potential. From Section 504 students to those with disabilities and gifted learners, our mission is to provide tailored learning experiences for all.


By granting access to a wide range of instructional and support services, we empower every student to succeed not just in school, but also in work and community life. Discover more about our commitment to exceptional education at


Explore Our Programs:

- Resource

- Mild Cognitive Impairments

- Moderate Cognitive Impairments

- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Day Treatment

- Deaf & Hard of Hearing

- Emotional Impairment

- Early Childhood Special Education

- Visual Impairments

- Post-Secondary - Work Skills

- Post-Secondary - Transition

- Physical and Other Health Impairments

- Early Childhood Developmental Disorder

- Severe Cognitive Impairments

- Severe Multiple Impairments

Our Services:

- Speech & Language Pathology

- Occupational Therapy

- Physical Therapy

- Orientation & Mobility

- School Social Work

- Instructional support to meet the needs of students in general education classrooms

- Behavior and counseling support

- Assistance with physical mobility and fine motor skills

- Speech services

- Accommodations and modifications

- Transition and work skills for post-secondary and career opportunities


Join us in unlocking the potential of every student.