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DPSCD Students Rise as Members of the Detroit Youth Choir

Ever since the Detroit Youth Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company (DYC) appeared on the national competition show America’s Got Talent, they have become a worldwide sensation. The nonprofit organization services young people ages 8-18 throughout metro Detroit, including several DPSCD students.

Hear what our DPSCD students have to say about being members of the DYC and how their families, DPSCD and the community sparked their journey to end up performing on America’s Got Talent (AGT).

Brandon Hill, Renaissance High School Student

“My great-grandmother always encouraged me to sing from a young age. I grew up in a musical household and my house always had music on. I felt like I could sing before I could talk, so I have been singing all my life. Both the DYC and DPSCD impacted me as it solidified that I want to pursue music as my career. My America’s Got Talent (AGT) experience was unique. Going from my shy ninth-grade self from the 2019 AGT experience to my confident senior self really solidified why I sing. It let me know that it is not only an outlet but a passion, a next step that makes me happy for what I will pursue in the future.”

Mark Bonney, Detroit School of Arts

“My dad has been encouraging me to sing since I was in the second grade, and the first time I performed in front of a crowd was for my second grade Black History Show where I sang “Dance with My Father” by Luther Vandross. Being a member of the DYC and a student at DPSCD has had a big impact on my future. My experience with AGT was absolutely amazing. Being able to see how the production and the entertainment industry works was a great opportunity for me. All the lights, staging and cameras just made me want to reach my goal more.”

Kayla Roach, Cass Technical High School Student
“Someone who encouraged me not only to sing, but to audition for the choir was my father. I had always been a shy and reserved kid who had never really sung in front of people, but when my dad showed me the [DYC] AGT audition video, he could see how much I wanted to be like that but that I was psyching myself out. He encouraged me and I did it."

“DPSCD is the first public school [system] I've attended, so to be honest I was a little nervous about the change. I had an acting class and attended an improv Zoom call after school that really helped me figure out just how much I loved performing. Creating friendships with my classmates while also getting to see them show off their talents was amazing.”

Carley Foster, Cass Technical High School Student

“The person who encouraged me to sing was my father because, ever since I was little, I would always sing around the house and now he’s the one who takes me to the studio. I have been singing since I was four and the first time that I ever sung publicly was in 2019 when we performed on AGT. DPSCD has impacted me to never give up on anything and always strive for greatness. Going on AGT has changed my life completely. AGT has inspired me to be strong and always keep moving. It has impacted my steps by giving me the exposure to say that I sing for a living and I also work hard.”

DPSCD commends Brandon, Mark, Kayla and Carley for their rise as students and pursuit of their passion for the performing arts. If your student has an interest in an Academic and Arts curriculum, DPSCD has Fine Arts programming to meet them where they are. Click here for more information.

DPSCD, the Future is Rising! 

DYC-AGT Students