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Clippert Academy Spotlight: Attendance Everyday Matters Through Staff, Community and Leadership

  • Daily attendance report check-ins 
  • Data display outside of the main office for students to see their progress 
  • Incentives through enrichment programming with several community partners 

Clippert Academy, located in the heart of Southwest Detroit, offers a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum for grades 6-8 to prepare students for entry to the city’s elite high schools. Clippert Academy continues to fulfill Detroit Public Schools Community District's mission to educate and empower every student. Principal Escamilla strives to ensure that students are in school every day, in order to perform at their highest levels, and Clippert’s teachers and families have partnered to help students experience growth and enrichment, all pointing to their commitment to being in school every day.  

When attendance numbers are high, it not only benefits the students but also the staff. Principal Escamilla said she had a goal to increase their overall percentage of students not chronically absent by 6%. 

“We are currently surpassing this goal and will continue to stay closely connected with all school community stakeholders to help support our yearly goal, she said.” 

Escamilla said there are a variety of strategies in place at Clippert Academy to encourage high attendance numbers. These include daily attendance report check-ins, having a display outside of the main office so students can see how they are tracking, implementing a variety of enrichment programming with several community partners and conducting quarterly raffles for students.  

“Attendance has changed how our teachers have expressed their feelings of stability in regard to their classroom deliveries,” said Escamilla. “What I mean by that is that one lesson tends to build off the previous. It is difficult to do that if you have inconsistent attendance. That plays a role in each child’s learning curve. This year it [attendance] has been much steadier and has increased. It supports teachers to have many more opportunities to create classroom discourse, classroom interaction with the students. I also think that a student who comes every day becomes more involved with policies and procedures. They can experience that on a deeper level.” 

Clippert Academy staff also have formed a strong connection with students’ parents to ensure that not only that their children come to school, but that their needs are being met. 

“They [Clippert Academy parents] join us in monthly PTAs and staff meetings and provide feedback. "We also want parents to feel comfortable to call for any absence possible,” said Escamilla. “That way we can offer them resources. For example, if their electricity gets shut off, then we can contact one of our partners to help them. We want to be able to help them when they need help.” 

Looking ahead to the future, Escamilla said that her goal is that Clippert Academy has a steady 98% daily attendance rate. The school is on its way to meeting that goal with daily attendance numbers in the high 90th percentile.  

A reminder to DPSCD students and families, the winter count period begins on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Count Day. We want to see you in school all day, every day. Because as we know, when Students Rise, We all Rise!