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DPSCD Expect Respect Campaign Drives Schools’ and Students Rise

For the month of December, the Expect Respect character trait is generosity. And students at several Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) schools are getting real-time examples of practicing generosity from their families, teachers, and staff through acts of kindness as well as through gifts of time, talent, and treasure.  

Chrysler Elementary School 

Led by fifth grade teacher Adriane Blair, the Chrysler team is supporting several Chrysler families in their community through its Giving Garlands holiday initiative. A green garland, adorned with ornaments, lists items such as shoes, pull-ups, and clothing that the families need assistance with. Chrysler parents, community members and staff are invited to pick an ornament and provide the item to ensure those families and their children have something to remember for the holidays. It is one of many ways that the Chrysler team models generosity for their students, not only in December, but throughout the school year.  

“There are so many ways to show our students they can be generous,” said Ms. Blair, a fifth-grade teacher at Chrysler. “Examples such as sharing a pencil, assisting a fellow student who has fallen are among the many ways our students can show generosity and it does not cost anything,” she said. “We have to learn to be givers and we are always teaching those morals and values to our students here at Chrysler.”  

John J. Bagley Elementary School of Journalism and Technology 

At Bagley, highlighting generosity to its students this month includes connecting with their community partners to provide food, clothing and other resources to families and stakeholders in the schools’ neighborhood. “We embrace generosity and all of the Expect Respect character traits in our mission to serve the whole child,” said Bagley Principal, Victor Frosh, noting that school also features mentoring clubs that promote righteousness, love and core family values that are the foundation of the Bagley brand. “The Expect Respect campaign has been truly beneficial in creating an atmosphere of excellence and servant leadership at our school.”  

For more information on Expect Respect, please visit There you’ll find abundant resources ranging from student, staff, and parent/stakeholder Expect Respect pledge cards, the School Board of Education Expect Respect Resolution and much more. Complete your pledge card today! We’d love to see you in action! Share your photos and send them to communications to be used on DPSCD communication channels.