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DPSCD Graduate Shares Her Experience as a GDYT Comms Central Office Intern

As the summer winds down and all eyes turn to the start of the 2022-23 school year on Monday, August 29, 2022, the District recognizes its 11 interns from the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) program who developed their skills, gained experience, and provided their youthful exuberance and perspective on the work of various Central Office teams. Thank you!

 A significant contribution to this story was made by Office of Communications GDYT Intern, Semaj Morris.

I took part in GDYT (Grow Detroit’s Young Talent) program this summer, starting July 19, 2022, and going through August 19, 2022.

In this program, I was assigned to DPSCD’s communications department. During our orientation session, me and my other GDYT interns got to know each other before work. We played games and talked to each other and afterwards, we met our boss. For me, I was assigned to Mr. Kevin Byrnes, the Program Supervisor, one of the Communications team members. He and his co-workers Ms. Amy Cronkite, Program Supervisor of the Print and Design Center and Ms. Nia Adams, Project Manager of Events, all report to Ms. Chrystal Wilson, the Assistant Superintendent of Communications. I saw how work could be enjoyable while upholding a peaceful, yet respectful work structure. I’ve gotten an up-close view of how busy their work can be. I’ve also gotten knowledge of their backgrounds, such as why they’ve chosen this job/career.

For example, while working with Mr. Byrnes, I learned about the many meetings he is a part of. I also learned how well connected everyone on the Communications team is to one another and how they’ve adapted to their own set-up to make work less stressful and goals more obtainable. I’ve learned the aspects of writing a story, such as checking for corrections, different ways to publish a story on the DPSCD website, how to do reports and certain steps to take to make writing and typing easier.

With Ms. Nia Adams, I supported her work by participating in an event she planned, the DPSCD 2022 Retiree Breakfast in July at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Among my duties was handing out programs during the event as well as being available when Ms. Adams or Ms. Wilson needed support. I also worked with Ms. Cronkite in the print center. While providing administrative support, I learned how to make sure how many of a particular item  were in the office so they knew exactly how many of each were needed to purchase. I learned aspects of math, the sorting of stuff, and the patience needed in the job.

And with Ms. Chrystal Wilson, the leader of the Communications Team, I experienced how she guides the work for the whole team and while each of her team members may do different things, it all connects to the bigger picture of what the Communications team does for the District.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my experience with each person I met at the Fisher Building, the location of Central Office and the communications team. Everyone was respectful and helpful in many ways. I appreciate the knowledge I was given and will take this further in my life.