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DPSCD’s Cody Student Leaders Earn Real World Experience

Three standout students from Cody High School, Ayja Grier, Zierre Robinson and Arnold Ebiware, earned an invitation to General Motors (GM) Global Tech Center in Warren, MI to explore their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and related career opportunities in the automotive industry, part of GM’s Student Spotlight program.  
Arnold, a junior, was lauded for his leadership abilities at Cody. He’s currently serving as president of the student council and is seen as a role model by his fellow classmates.  Zierre, also a junior, was recognized for his outstanding behavior and artistic ability. He has many interests, including art, design and music and is considering pursuing a career in a creative field once he graduates. Ayja, the lone senior of the group, was touted for her outstanding spirit as well as her focus on continued achievement in and out of school.  
“Ayja, Arnold and Zierre are all great students that are dedicated and committed to their future success,” said Cody Principal Jason Solomon. “All three students were selected for this GM event because they embody Cody's Culture of Committed, Outstanding, Determined, Youth.” 
The trio’s half-day experience included a ride from Cody’s northwest Detroit campus to the Tech Center in an electric vehicle. It also included a tour of the company’s battery lab and finished with a trip down memory lane, a visit to GM’s Heritage Center, home to hundreds and hundreds of classic cars and trucks. Check out this  media clip of the student’s visit to GM’s Global Tech Center.  
“I felt like everything I did paid off,” said Ayja, adding that her favorite part of the day was the ride in the electric vehicle. Next for Ayja, she’s headed to Grand Valley State University (GVSU), where she plans to study nursing, with a focus on pediatrics.  
Cody has a college preparatory curriculum which includes college credits and certification in the following three career pathways: Health Science (Health Informatics & Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA), Information Technology and App Development and Public Safety (Police and Fire Fighter). Cody has programming and extra-curricular activities so your student can #RiseUpwithDPSCD. Learn more about Cody by visiting the school’s web page, enroll today.